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Product Manager - Inspire Cloud

Golden Valley, MN
The Inspire Cloud Product Manager will lead the commercialization of Inspire’s web and app-based platform for remote patient monitoring and care team collaboration. This key role will grow use of Inspire Cloud and the Inspire App and will develop programs to improve the workflow efficiency for Inspire customers.  Additionally, this role will have responsibility for creating score cards and documenting best practices for patient flow and program operations and establishing a training program for Inspire navigators.  The Inspire Cloud Product Manager will report to the Senior Director of Product & Therapy Marketing.
  • Develop commercial strategies and tools to increase use of Inspire Cloud and Inspire App.
  • Identify methods to make it easier for healthcare IT teams to adopt Inspire Cloud & App.
  • Build resources, such as presentation tools and brochures, and teach the sales teams how to communicate about Inspire Cloud & App in a simple & compelling way.
  • Design and initiate a course for Inspire program navigators to receive training on best practices in patient flow and program operations.
  • Create and maintain a scorecard covering key aspects of successful programs & provide onsite assessments to help Inspire customers improve operations and patient care.
  • Coordinate with other functions (R&D, clinical, sales, etc.) to support a cohesive approach to digital health that supports program efficiency and the patient experience.
  • Document product and therapy related field reports within the prescribed timelines and provide any necessary documents required to complete the investigation.  Provide follow-up reporting as needed.
  • Complete training requirements and competency confirmations as required for this position within the required timeline.
  • Comply with applicable quality system procedures/policies and make suggestions for continuous process improvement
Educational Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, science or engineering required.
  • Master’s degree in business preferred.
Required Experience:
  • Minimum of 5 years in medical device sales and marketing
  • Digital health or remote patient management experience
  • Experience with new medical technologies is preferred
  • Experience with basic lean six sigma concepts is preferred
  • Ability to travel frequently, including weekends
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